Carbon steel connector


The PowerBuild System uses large, easy to handle, carbon steel pins and connectors in its joinery. These connectors are logically designed and fit perfectly into precut glulam posts and beams. No nuts and bolts, or nails are necessary for framing a PowerBuild System, instead, the innovative carbon steel connectors are locked in place with drift pins. Because these connections are not reliant on nuts and bolts, they don't loosen over time. The carbon steel connectors and pins are cast in one solid piece using the lost wax technique. This design results in a hard, sturdy, and durable metal bracket system which is resistant to traction and impact. This type of carbon steel used in the connectors is extremely strong and durable. This is the same material that is used in many automotive parts, nuclear power plants, and high-pressure valves. Carbon steel connectors and pins The PowerBuild System connectors have been run through rust resistance testing to confirm its resistivity to rusting and corrosion. To confirm its rust resistance, connectors were sprayed with salt for 2,640 hours. This testing is 2.6 times longer than the testing required for cars. The connectors and pins have been confirmed to meet both the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and European CE standard.