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First of all, the PowerBuild USA would like to thank everyone who was able to fly or drive in to attend the first ever PowerBuild framing project in North America.
The response was overwhelmingly positive! We had architects, engineers, builders, developers, city managers and plannners, prospective home buyers, many of our project partners out for the Framing Demonstration and Media Day event. Many people even stopped by to watch the third day of framing in the pouring down rain on Thursday. A special thanks to the Mayor of Sandy who made time during his busy schedule to attend the Media Day Event on Wednesday.
The first day we planned on needing 4 hours to set all the posts on the first floor. When we finished in just a little over an hour, we had to make the decision to slow down the entire process even further so that we would be able to have enough work for all three days of the Framing Demonstration event.