Strong carbon steel connectors and pins


The principles behind the PowerBuild System are aimed at making the contruction process simple, fast, and efficient while maintaining the integrity and strength of the structure. Simplicity in the framing process is achieved through pre-engineered glulam posts and beams, which are both straighter and stronger than traditional timber. Partnered with the strong and durable carbon steel connectors and pins, the materials create a strong joint system that is not susceptible to the same shrinking and cracking problems of traditional timber framing. With this design, only simple tools (hammers and mallets) are needed to frame buildings. Because the posts and beams are pre-engineered for your project, the framing process can be expedited with a smaller construction crew without the need for additional skilled labor. This in turn helps reduce costs associated with skilled framers, especially when they are under such high demands. The strength of PowerBuild System provides the building owner with a some assurance that even in earthquake-prone regions, the structure can stand strong (see our video for testing).